Whats included in our Standard Polytunnel

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  • Thermic Cover with anti fog/condensation additive and anti fungal additive
  • 34mm High Tensile Steel with 2.7mm Thickness galvinised inside and outside with plug joints for extra strength.
  • Single door at both ends with quality hardware and pressure treated timber
  • Storm Bracing at the corners
  • Extras - Crop Bars
  • High Tensile Steel- to withstand our Irish weather
  • Treated Timber for durability
  • Wide doors to allow for wheelbarrows and other tools to pass through.

Extra storm bracing available - these benefit our 18ft polytunnels


10ft 10ft €550 €700
10ft 12ft €550 €700
10ft 15ft €550 €700
12ft 12ft €580 €730
12ft 15ft €600 €800
12ft 20ft €680 €850
14ft 20ft €700 €900
14ft 25ft €800 €1100
14ft 30ft €900 €1200
16ft 20ft €800 €1000
16ft 25ft €950 €1200
16ft 30ft €100 €1400
16ft 40ft €1100 €1600
18ft 30ft €1050 €1500
18ft 40ft €1200 €1700

Whats included in our Growers Polytunnel

  • Our Growers Tunnel includes the same as our standard Polytunnel plus: base rail, concrete, crop bars, double doors
18ft 50ft n/a €1950
20ft 60ft n/a €2600
20ft 85ft n/a €3800

If these sizes do not meet your requirements please do not hesitate to contact us and we would be glad to give you a detailed quote.

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Complete Refurbishment of your Existing Polytunnel

Why not upgrade your old polytunnel to a green living concept grade standard polytunnel with all the added benefits

  • New doors
  • Higher grade plastic covers
  • Hot Tape

Call us today for a competitive quote and breath new life into your old poly tunnel.