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 Welcome to Green Living Concepts

Supplier of Standard Poly Tunnels, Custom Made PolyTunnels, Commercial PolyTunels & Raised Beds -  NATIONWIDE DELIVERY

At Greenliving Concepts PolyTunnels we are passionate about what we build and grow within our own Polytunnel and believe its the little details that turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. We supply, and build for our customers high quality polytunnels that can last a lifetime and we only use the best quality materials to achieve this.

Our polytunnel structures have high sides with slow gradual bends for excellent headroom right to the edge of your polytunnel making it easier to work in. Our polytunnel plastic comes with a 5 year guarantee but has a life expectancy of 8 to 10 years with the correct care.

Greenliving Concept poly tunnels are built to last we do not believe in cheap and cheerfull but we can match any for like Polytunnel on the market on price and beat them on quality and service.

Benefits of Our Poly Tunnels & Raised Beds

extended growing season

with our poly tunnels you can plant earlier in the spring and later into the autumn


grow tender crops

our poly tunnels are ideal for tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers or sweetcorn


grow your own flowers

in our poly tunnels you can grow from seed for hanging baskets and window boxes


organic healthy food

organic fruit and veg straight from your poly tunnel to your kitchen


save money, be healthy

grow your own in our poly tunnels, at a fraction of the cost of supermarkets

That's green living - that's our concept

That's green living - that's our concept